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Book Review: Invincible Summer




TitleInvincible Summer

AuthorAlice Adams

Rating3 stars

You know how a book can sometimes grab your attention instantly? Well, this book didn’t quite grab my attention at the beginning… It took a couple of chapters before it actually grabbed my attention and seemed interesting…


This book went from being ok to pretty good. There were parts in this book that I would get lost in and have trouble putting the book down, but then there were also parts of the book in which I would put the book down because a certain chapter just seemed to be dragging on for way too long.

The friendship between the four main characters, I absolutely loved! They definitely had their differences and they all went through some pretty tough things through the years but they still remained pretty close. Even when this group of friends had some major arguments, they forgave each other and tried to fix whatever went wrong between them.

I definitely took some parts of this book to heart and even learned a couple of lessons from it. For instance, sometimes you really do need a break from everything just to find yourself again and to see the true beauty of the world that we sometimes forget to stop and look at because we are so caught up in things…

Although it wasn’t the best book I’ve read it was still pretty good and I think I would recommend it to a friend…

*There is some foul language in this book, which I wasn’t a big fan of, but it seems like a lot of books have foul language in them now. I wouldn’t recommend it for someone younger than maybe 16 or 17…*


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