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Is Being Quiet Really A Weakness?

Spirit Science

What do you think? Is being quiet really a weakness? I used to think it was a weakness of mine but now I realize it is one of my greatest strengths!   

My being quiet only goes to show that I am constantly observing my surroundings and am aware of them and that I am constantly listening whether someone is talking directly to me or to a group of people. I’m also quiet because I don’t like attention, attention is not something I thrive off of like some people do.

Being quiet has allowed me the chance to observe people and their actions with the ability to be able to control myself from doing or saying something that could be hurtful. In other words, it gives me the opportunity to think before I speak.

It has also given me an advantage. How? People have always told me that others are afraid of the quiet ones because they don’t realize that we see and hear just about everything.

Lastly, being quiet means that I can enjoy being alone in a quiet place. I don’t need to be constantly saying something or talking to someone. But, when I do talk I prefer deep conversations and not small talk. So, when I do talk, listen, because I will more likely than not have something important to say.

My being quiet is not a weakness, it’s a part of who I am and I wouldn’t change it.


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