Check Out This Blog Post! “This Woman DOES NOT Support the Woman’s March”

Hey, everyone! So, I just recently came across this blog post that I saw on my personal Facebook page and I thought I would share it with you all! I agree 100% with what this woman has said.

* I do not and will not apologize if you are offended by this in any way. If it really bothers you, you don’t have to read it, but if you’re open to reading/hearing about others opinions and thoughts then please take the time to read this!*

Here is the link to the blog: ⬇ Continue reading “Check Out This Blog Post! “This Woman DOES NOT Support the Woman’s March””


New Year’s Resolutions

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New Year’s Resolutions


New Year’s Resolutions…. I don’t think I’ve ever really made any resolutions, but this year I’ve decided too… As for how many of them I will stick too, that all depends on just how willing and motivated I am to change. I’m really willing and determined to change, I just hope that lasts.

I’ve made 17 resolutions, but I’ll only share a few of them on here. Continue reading “New Year’s Resolutions”